Who am I?

I'm Jean-Rémy Duboc (it's pronounced Jan-Rey-Mee, but you can call me JR). I'm a software engineer and web analyst from France, living in the UK, with way too many interests to focus on only one.

I started out training as a video and sound technician, before switching to "multimedia design" (back when "multimedia" was all the rage). I've worked in a web agency, life insurance, e-commerce, industrial e-learning, academia, even managed to pick up a PhD in Web Science in Southampton along the way.
As you might have guessed I'm into a lot of other things, such as music, science and maths, literature (both French and English), philosophy, psychology, self-defense and fitness, etc. I try to read a lot. Teaching being the best way to know if you really understand something, this blog is as much about teaching others as it is about my own learning.